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Mike Ripperger, Bureau Chief


The Telecommunications Bureau performs analysis and provides expert testimony on issues related to telecommunications, including rulemakings and other docketed cases before the Commission. The bureau reviews telecommunications carrier  tariff filings, applications for interconnection and certificates of public convenience and necessity, collects inspection and supervision fees, reviews Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC) petitions and filings, oversees inmate operator service providers, and the New Mexico State Rural Universal Service Fund. The bureau is also responsible for overseeing CenturyLink’s Alternative Form of Regulation (AFOR) Plan and mid-size carrier rules for Windstream Communications, including monitoring pricing, quality of service reporting, and infrastructure investment. The bureau monitors and responds to federal telecommunications developments as they affect the State of New Mexico, and assists with telecommunications consumer complaints of all types.

*NOTE - If you are a consumer and need to file a complaint against a Utility Company, click here to contact our Consumer Relations Division

Mailing Address Email Title Phone

Public Regulation Commission
Telecommunications Division 
1120 Paseo De Peralta
P.O. Box 1269
Santa Fe, NM 87504


phone: 505-827-6902

Mark Cessarich Utility Economist 505-827-6903
Eugene Evans Telecom Engineer 505-827-4405
Georgette Ramie Utility Economist 505-476-0448
Mike Ripperger Bureau Chief 505-827-6902
Ruby Rohrs Compliance Officer 505-827-5062
Ken Smith Utility Economist 505-827-4411



Qwest AFOR III 2009
(Qwest now Century Link)

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