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Avelino Gutierrez, Division Director


The Transportation Division is divided into three bureaus: the applications/compliance bureau, the investigations bureau, and the pipeline safety bureau.

The Applications Bureau processes all applications for authorities to operate as a regulated motor carrier.  Every person providing compensated transportation services in the State must receive an operating authority from the PRC, including limousines, taxis, ambulances, shuttle services, tour and sightseeing operators, towing services, and repossession services.  All applications for changes to operating authorities or to tariffs are also processed by the bureau.


The Investigations / Compliance Bureau enforces the PRC’s rules and regulations and the Motor Carrier Act.  The bureau conducts periodic inspections of all motor carriers and investigates complaints.  The bureau may present the results of its inspections and investigations to the PRC and ask that the PRC impose a fine on a motor carrier and suspend or revoke its operating authority.  The bureau also enforces railroad safety standards through a partnership with the Federal Railroad Administration. The bureau also administers the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) system and enforces compliance with the PRC’s financial responsibility requirements and annual reports.

The Pipeline Safety Bureau conducts audits and inspections of intrastate natural gas and hazardous liquid pipelines.  The bureau also does damage prevention and enforces federal pipeline regulations on behalf of PHMSA for the State.




Address Staff with email Title Office Phone

Public Regulation Commission
Transportation Division
1120 Paseo De Peralta
P.O. Box 1269
Santa Fe, NM 87504

Phone: 505-827-4519

Fax: 505-827-4023
Avelino Gutierrez Director 505-827-4565
Economist 505-827-4640
Crystal Boies Applications 505-827-4590
Annissa Ortiz Applications 505-827-5013
Yvette Hetzer Applications 505-476-0122
Compliance / Investigations
Fidel Archuleta Bureau Chief 505-827-4310
Manuel Anaya Investigator 505-795-4445
Kevan Bay-Bojorquez Compliance 505-827-4560
Vince Crespin Investigator 505-490-2177
Chris Gutierrez Compliance 505-827-4289
Tirizo Lopez Investigator-Railroad Safety 505-490-0689
Jesse Montoya Railroad Investigations Supervisor 505-795-2308
James T. Martinez Investigator 505-490-7194
Moises Pena Investigator  
Pipeline Safety
Jason N. Montoya Bureau Chief 505-476-0253
Sefie Anaya Damage Prevention Supervisor 505-231-5204
Tina Cigliano-Sisneros Executive Administrator 505-476-0298
Loretta Cuthrell Inspector 505-699-8693
Vacant Inspector 505-490-1358
Vacant Inspector 505-490-0567
Isaac Lerma Pipeline Safety Supervisor 505-490-2958
Vacant Inspector 505-699-2680
Joaquin Pineda Inspector 505-795-0969
Christopher Sanchez Inspector 505-629-3564
Vacant Inspector 505-490-2135

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