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Who is my commissioner?

Click on your location on the map to identify the District Number of your residence.
Use the + - buttons in the map legend in the upper left hand corner of the map to zoom in and out.
Once you find your District Number, click on the Commissioner of that District.


Email all 5 Commissioners at once by clicking here.

District 1
Cynthia B. Hall

(505) 827-8015

purple area on map

Click here for larger view of map
District 4
T. Becenti-Aguilar
(505) 827-8019
blue area on map
District 2
Jeff L. Byrd
(505) 827-4531
green area on map
District 5
Stephen Fischmann
(505) 827-8020
red area on map
District 3
Valerie Espinoza
(505) 827-4533
orange area on map

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